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M.A. in Anthropology


Sociology and Anthropology

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Jay K. Johnson

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Janet Ford

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Matthew L. Murray

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The Cypress Citadel (11js76) is a late Woodland hill top site located in southern Illinois in the southwest portion of Johnson County, near the community of Cypress. Previous research has documented it as a Lewis phase site within the late Woodland period. The Lewis phase is set apart from late Woodland phases by the existence of decorated ceramics. The information presented in this thesis is intended to identify and describe specific decorative attributes of the ceramics at Cypress Citadel and examine specific patterns of incising within the site. Although determining patterning in the decoration is difficult, a focus on attributes allofor a thorough investigation. After using attribute analysis, it is clear that the ceramics shosmall nuances in decoration and style between early and late occupations at the site, primarily in the rim treatment. The results of this document indicate that there is a definitive tendency for two styles of lip treatment, one which predominantly occurs early at the site and another which appears later.



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