Honors Theses

Date of Award

Spring 5-13-2023

Document Type

Undergraduate Thesis


Croft Institute for International Studies

First Advisor

Carmen Sanchis-Sinisterra

Second Advisor

Jason Klodt

Third Advisor

Ian Gowan

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This paper explores how women navigated the fight for equality during the Second Republic and Transition-era Spain through the lens of feminist literature. Specifically, comparing and analyzing two books, Doble esplendor by Constancia de la Mora (1939) and Crónica del desamor by Rosa Montero (1979). Both books feature women in their thirties who work and explore themes of marriage and romantic love, friendship as a space of freedom, motherhood, working women, and politics against the backdrop of the ever-changing sociopolitical situation in Spain. Through close analysis of these works, the author examines how these women navigate gender roles and societal expectations, as well as the impact of political and cultural changes on their lives. Ultimately, this paper sheds light on the experiences of women during a tumultuous period in Spanish history and highlights the importance of feminist literature in understanding their struggles for equality and autonomy.

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