This article addresses several areas as applied to the rural subculture of the Amish. First, the Old Order Amish will be introduced to the reader. Distinctions will be made between the Old Order Amish and other, cousin, groups. Second, discussion will center on the victimization of Old Order Amish. Several illustrations will be offered along with theories that attempt to explain these phenomena. Third, attention will be given to offending and deviant behavior among the Old Order Amish. Particular focus is placed on Amish youth. Fourth, discussion will turn to the restorative justice model as an effective manner of dealing with criminal justice matters and the Old Order Amish in rural settlements. This model, it will be argued, is ideal for the Old Order Amish based on several subcultural factors. Fifth, and finally, the author will provide some potentially fruitful directions for future research on Old Order Amish social and justice issues.

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