Researchers have found that the economic, social, and environmental impacts of energy development vary with both the type and location of development. Previous studies have highlighted impacts associated with the conventional energy development that occurred in the western United States in the 1970s and 1980s, and with offshore oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. Recently, however, unconventional natural gas development has become a more common type of energy development, the impacts of which are not yet well understood. To assess these impacts, as part of a larger quantitative study conducted within two Texas counties, survey respondents were invited to share “additional comments” as desired. I analyzed these comments using open coding and constant comparison to identify prominent themes for each county. Themes ranged from positive to negative, and reflected economic, social, and environmental impacts accompanying unconventional natural gas development. Findings may inform theory and be of interest to community leaders and others interested in the impacts of unconventional gas development.

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