The Amish are an endogamous rural population experiencing rapid growth; consequently, they have attracted the attention of population health researchers and service providers. With approximately one quarter of all Amish studies publications now devoted to population health (n=246), the time is ripe to review research trends. Using bibliometric measures, we map the genealogy, influence, and configuration of Amish health publications. Amish population health research has (1) a health culture-focused core with clusters representing social science and health practice, (2) peripheral clusters addressing health conditions–mental, physical, and injury/safety–and (3) several clusters straddling both. We identify fruitful interdisciplinary studies and recommend researchers investigating health culture and conditions seek ways to integrate their research agendas. This article represents a pivot-point for Amish population health research, for it provides a first-ever bibliometric mapping, allowing researchers to more easily locate their work within the literature and identify opportunities for interdisciplinary collaborations.

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