Literature on small farms in the U.S. is limited though they are the most numerous farm type, generate over twenty percent of agricultural production, and are more likely to be operated by historically underserved (i.e., beginning, minority, veteran, women, young) farmers than large-scale farms. This article details an online survey study of small-scale agricultural producers using a purposive sample from Texas. We used cross tabulations to evaluate qualitative operational and demographic (e.g., age, gender) factors of success, finding several significant variables with moderate effect sizes. Generally, producers regarded quality of life as more important to success than profitability. Producers’ top challenges were capital, production, marketing, legal, financial, informational, and social, in that order. While results may not be representative of all small producers, in Texas or otherwise, they provide an important look at an understudied population who contribute meaningfully to sustainable production, local and regional food systems, and overall agricultural structure.

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