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Lokesh Taneja

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M.S. in Engineering Science

First Advisor

Ajit Sadana

Second Advisor

Wei-Yin Chen

Third Advisor

Clint W. Williford

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A fractal analysis for the binding and dissociation of glucose molecules to different biosensor surfaces is presented. The sensors contain immobilized glucose oxidase enzymes that have an affinity for the glucose molecules in solution. Data for different modified biosensors is modeled and analyzed, and a single, dual or triple-fractal analysis is applied where adequate. The binding and dissociation kinetics coefficient where applicable are calculated for each of models along with the fractal dimensions. When both binding and dissociation phases are present, the affinity, K of the receptor to the glucose molecule is calculated and its variation with the fractal dimension ratio is observed. A trend between the binding and dissociation coefficients and their respective fractal dimensions are observed, and the values used to draw conclusions of the degree of heterogeneity on the surfaces of the biosensors in relations with the concentration of glucose present in solution.


Chemical Engineering



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