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Accounting Historians Journal (Archival Digital Accounting Collection)

ISSN 0148-4182

The Accounting Historians Journal is an international journal that addresses the development of accounting thought and practice. AHJ embraces all subject matter related to accounting history, including, but not limited to, research that provides a historical perspective on contemporary accounting issues.

The Accounting Historians Notebook (Archival Digital Accounting Collection)

ISSN 1075-1416

The Accounting Historians Notebook is one of two publications of the Association of Accounting Historians (AAH) section of the American Accounting Association.

The University of Mississippi Undergraduate Research Journal

ISSN 2475-3149

The University of Mississippi Undergraduate Research Journal ( UMURJ ) is a yearly double-blind, peer-reviewed publication of research articles written by University undergraduate students from all disciplines. UMURJ serves as both a technical and non-technical research journal and provides University of Mississippi undergraduates the opportunity to experience the review and publication process, firsthand.

The mission of UMURJ is to serve as an outlet to showcase undergraduates academic achievements and honor those endeavors.

The University of Mississippi Undergraduate Research Journal (UMURJ) is now accepting submissions for its third edition. Submissions are now open until 5:00 P.M. CST on February 22, 2019.

Awards of $500, $300, and $200 will be offered for the best, 2nd best, and 3rd best student submissions. If you have any questions, please email