Roundabout Oxford Podcast

Roundabout Oxford Podcast

Roundabout Oxford is a podcast from the University of Mississippi Libraries.

Located 80 miles south of Memphis and 50 miles west of Tupelo, the University of Mississippi and its home, Oxford, serve as a crossroads for everything from Blues music to sustainable agriculture to the Civil Rights Movement. Each month, library staff bring their interests and expertise to explore different facets of life at the university and in the city. Each episode features guests who discuss their research, careers, and passions. Along the way, these conversations highlight the ways in which libraries intersect with our everyday lives as sources of community, information, and innovation in the 21st century.

Roundabout Oxford is hosted by Christina Streeter, Abbie Norris, and Alex Watson. It is edited by Brian Corrigan and Taylor Fields.




8/1/2020: Music, University of Mississippi Libraries