SouthTalks is a series of events (including lectures, performances, film screenings, and panel discussions) exploring the interdisciplinary nature of Southern Studies. This series takes place in the Tupelo Room of Barnard Observatory unless otherwise noted, and is free and open to the public.

A full schedule of upcoming events is available on the Center's website.



Region, Race, and History: Racial Palimpsests in the Southern U. S., Angel A. Parham and Catarina Passidomo

Coming Full Circle: My Journey through the University of Mississippi, to Many Points Beyond and Back-, Dorothy Quaye Chapman Reed and Greg Johnson

I Am from Here: Stories and Recipes from a Southern Chef, Vishwesh Bhatt and Sara Camp Milam

Race Land: The Ecology of Segregation, Maarten Zwiers and Simone Delerme

Roadside South, David Wharton and Melanie Ho

Voces Sureñas: Case Studies of Spanish in Northern Mississippi and Eastern North Carolina, Stephen Fafulas, Matthew J. Van Hoose, and Kathryn McKee

Listening to the Mississippi Pictures of O.N. Pruitt, Berkley Hudson and David Wharton

Does My Message Define My Role?, Castel Sweet and Braxton Thomas

Art in Barnard, Yolande van Heerden and Afton Thomas

Eudora Welty's Visionary Modernity: An Archive of Place, Annette Trefzer

Summer Avenue Oral History Project, Annemarie Anderson, Simone Delerme, and Kelly Spivey

Shall We Stay in Hell on Earth?, Alicia Jackson, Ted Ownby, and Afton Thomas


The Light in the Piazza, Nancy Maria Balach, Adam Guettel, Mary Donnelly Haskell, Blake McIver Ewing, and Kathryn McKee

The Southern Cultural Renaissance of the Early Twenty-First Century, Charles Reagan Wilson and Darren Grem

Heritage and Hate: Old South Words and Symbols at Southern Universities, Stephen Monroe, LaToya Faulk, and Kathryn McKee

Okla Humma: I Maya Moma Hoki (The Honorable People: We Have Remained in This Place), Tammy Greer and Kathryn McKee

Voices from the Mississippi Hill Country: The Benton County Civil Rights Movement, Roy DeBerry and W. Ralph Eubanks

Southerly: How collaborative storytelling makes communities more resilient, healthy, and equitable, Lyndsey Gilpin and Catarina Passidomo

Still Worth Fighting For, Joshua Myers, Jam Shakwi, and W. Ralph Eubanks

I Don’t Like the Blues: Race, Place, and the Backbeat of Black Life, B. Brian Foster, Zaire Love, and Afton Thomas

Traditional Crafts of Coastal Louisiana, Maida Owens, Janie Luster, and Afton Thomas

Indigenous Cultures and Histories of the Southeast, Dwanna L. McKay, Robbie Ethridge, and Afton Thomas

Building Activism: Landscape Architecture and Stewardship of African American Communities, Everett L. Fly and Jodi Skipper

The Emmett Till Generation: Youth Activism, Radical Protest, and Social Change in Jim Crow Mississippi, Daphne Chamberlain and Kathryn McKee

Masked Man, Black: Pandemic and Protest Poems, Frank X. Walker, Derrick Harriell, and Afton Thomas

Protests in Pro Football, 1965–2020, Charles K. Ross and Darren Grem

Southern Journey: The Migrations of the American South, 1790-2020, Edward L. Ayers and Ted Ownby

Nonviolence before King, Anthony Siracusa and Afton Thomas


Whose Blues? (live Q&A), Adam Gussow, Ken Kawashima, and B. Brian Foster

You Asked For the Facts: Bobby Kennedy at the University of Mississippi, Mary Blessey, W. Ralph Eubanks, and Andy Harper

Art and Community Activism: Discussing Jackson's Public Arts Program, Adrienne Dominick, Amanda Malloy, and James G. Thomas

From Latino Orlando to International Memphis (live Q&A), Simone Delerme, Annemarie Anderson, and Catarina Passidomo

The Lebanese in Mississippi: An Oral History, James G. Thomas, Jessica Wilkerson, and John Rash

Whose Blues? Black Bluesism, Blues Universalism, and the Postmodern Paradoxes of America's Global Music (pre-recorded discussion), Adam Gussow, Ken Kawashima, and B. Brian Foster

Why Dystopia Now? Exploring the Place, Value, and Necessity of Speculative and Dystopian Themes in Maurice Carlos Ruffin's We Cast a Shadow, Maurice Carlos Ruffin, Hilary Word, and Kathryn G. McKee

From Latino Orlando to International Memphis (pre-recorded discussion), Simone Delerme

Our Body Tells a Story: A Pathway to Resilience and Wholeness (live Q&A), Anne Cafer, Meagen Rosenthal, Jennifer Conner, Brookshield Laurent, and Afton Thomas

Why Dystopia Now?, Maurice Carlos Ruffin and Hilary Word

Our Body Tells a Story: A Pathway to Resilience and Wholeness (pre-recorded discussion), Anne Cafer, Meagen Rosenthal, Jennifer Conner, and Brookshield Laurent