Faculty and Student Publications





Pregnane steroidogenesis is altered by HIV-1 Tat and morphine: Physiological allopregnanolone is protective against neurotoxic and psychomotor effects, Jason Paris, Philippe Lière, Sarah Kim, Fakhri Mahdi, Meagen E. Buchanan, Sara R. Nass, Alaa N. Qrareya, Mohammed F. Salahuddin, Antoine Pianos, Neïké Fernandez, Zia Shariat-Madar, Pamela E. Knapp, Michaël Schumacher, and Kurt F. Hauser


Concordance Between Electronic Health Record Data and Medicare Part D Claims Data for Oral Anticancer Drug Use, Manvi Sharma, Michael L. Johnson, Hui Zhao, Sharon H. Giordano, and Holly M. Holmes