In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. In 2015, The University of Mississippi hosted its first TEDx event at the Gertrude Ford Center for the Performing Arts.

TED is a nonprofit organization devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading in Technology, Entertainment, and Design. Started as a four-day conference in California 30 years ago, TED has grown to support its mission with multiple initiatives.



Intermission Performance, Adam Gust

Science of the Groove, Adam Gust

A Discussion on Mental Health and Suicide in the Construction Industry, Vince Hafeli

Why Do We Set Fever in Plants?, Yiwei Han and Yongjian Qiu

You May Not Be as Ethical as You Think You Are, Michael "Bret" Hood

How Embracing Ethnic Languages Can Revolutionize the Future of AI, Arvinder Singh

The Power of Being Embedded in Community, Castel V. Sweet

The Lean Paradox, Nadeejah Niranjalie Wijayatunga


How We Forgive, Rick Balkin

NFTs, Graffiti, and Sedition: How Great Artists Create the Future, Maria Brito

A Walk Around Ancient Pompeii, Jacqueline DiBiasie-Sammons

Seeing the Unseen, Michael Fagans

Who Cares What Happens to Bootprints on the Moon?, Michelle L. D. Hanlon

Shining a Light on Lead in Drinking Water, Stephanie Showalter Otts

Turning to Community for Answers, Meagen Rosenthal

Sitting on Top of the World, Shardé Thomas


The Power of Music in the Rhythm of Life, Hannah Gadd Ardery

How Medicine, Money and Mindset are Costing Lives, Warrick Bishop

Women's Involvement in Politics, Muriel Collins

Mexissippi: Spanish in the South, Stephen Fafulas

What's the Use of Reading? Literature and Empathy, Beth Ann Fennelly

The Story of Human Migration: Your Life in a Tooth, Carolyn Freiwald

The Importance of a Narrative, Donald R. Guillory

Measuring Poverty in the United States, Fernando Arroyo Lopez

Choral Performance, Oxford High School Chamber Choir

The Perspective We Never See, Areesha Razi

I'm Not Done Yet, So Stop Trying to Get Rid of Me, Ruth Sherman

Perdido, The Mississippians Jazz Ensemble


Trusting in an Age of Distrust, Christian Anschuetz

Advancing Autism Acceptance, Jakob Anseman

Baby Hair + Hot Sauce = Embrace What They Ain't, Zaire Love

Finding Success in Sports and in Life, Josie Nicholson

Shark Conservation: Why You Should Care!, Glenn Parsons

Dear America: Don't Be Afraid of the Metric System, Luc Rébillout

Public restrooms make you nervous? You are not alone!, Steven Soifer

The Future of Air Travel – Can Aviation Laws Keep Up?, Jenny A. Urban


Travel to creativity, Elsie Andre

What's Your Number?, Jandel Crutchfield

Finding Myself Through the Blues, Brian Foster

Finding Your Creativity, Emily Frith

No matter what, Josh Horton and Southern Recovery Advocacy (

Unexpected Mentor: Life through the eyes of cotton, Janet McCarty

Bringing the Sandbox to the Boardroom, Leena Patel

The End of Animal Farming, Jacy Reese


Reducing Suicide Ideation, Joe Campbell

The Most Common Disease You've Never Heard Of, Shannon Cohn

Listening to the Universe, Katherine Dooley

The Origins of Keep Calm and Carry On, Susan Grayzel

The Hidden Power in a Breath of Gratitude, Rory Ledbetter

Quitting Versus Failing, Josh Mabus

How to Become a Reflective Literary Citizen, Anne Quinney

Fast Fashion's Effect on People, the Planet, and You, Patrick Woodyard


What's in a name? Who are you calling a B?, Michèle Alexandre

How to Read an Invisible Classic, Gregory Heyworth

Bad Law and Water Scarcity, Catherine Janasie

Engagement is the Answer! Cross-Cultural Lessons in Life and Psychology, Laura R. Johnson

Seeing Pain: New approach to diagnosing and treating nerve damage, Chris McCurdy

Being a Conservationist in Mississippi: Diversity and Biodiversity, Mitchell Robinson

Education: Making a Difference One Student at a Time, David Rock

Drugs from the sea: What do we lose when coral reefs die?, Marc Slattery

A Fantastic Voyage to the Future of Nanomedicine, Randy Wadkins

Make 'Em Laugh, Matthew R. Wilson