Electronic Theses and Dissertations

In November 2018, an e-mail notification was sent to alumni of the Graduate School (2010-2018) to announce the addition of non-embargoed electronic theses and dissertations to the eGrove repository, with the opportunity to opt out if they did not wish to participate. If you would like to remove your work from eGrove, or embargo your content, please send an email to: egrove@olemiss.edu


Theses/Dissertations from 2018


Social Media Adoption Among Small-Market Mississippi Newspapers, William Dejournett


The Role of Brand Name Fluency: A Pharmaceutical Marketing Perspective, David Wamble

Theses/Dissertations from 2015


Synthetic Materials with Redox-Triggers for Imaging and Drug Delivery, Jungeun Bae

Theses/Dissertations from 2014

Stop Making Sense: Exploring Basic Properties and Clinical Applications of Coherence, Michael James Bordieri


Higgs Effects in Neutrino Physics and Heavy Quark Systems, Ahmed Rashed

Theses/Dissertations from 2013

Interpreting Ambiguity in Sexual Dating Encounters: Social Information Processing Differences in Men and Women, Carrie Ambrose

The Effect of Coach Expectations on Female Athletes' Intrinsic Motivation to Play, Megan Matthews Buning


A Comparison of Bluegrass Bands: 2013 Bands Versus the 1940s-1960s Bands, Elizabeth Rosanne Butler

The Role of Disgust in Eating Disorders, Eun Ha Kim

The Role of Personality and Cultural Intelligence in the Desire to Study Abroad, Tara Katrina Luchkiw

Theses/Dissertations from 2012

How Do the Perceived Barriers, Attitudes, and Knowledge of Grocery Store Personnel Affect Availability of Organic Food Products?, Rachel Adams

We Didn't Get Famous: the Story of the Southern Music Underground, 1978-1990, Camilla Ann Aikin

Implementation of a Software Defined Spread Spectrum Communication System, Mir Ali

Nonviolent Bodies and the Experience of Breakdown in the American Movement for Civil Rights, Danielle Andersen

An Examination of the Effects of the Sexual Double Standard on College Students' Condom Use, Cahryn Anderson

Gender and Sexuality in Blame Attributions for Intimate Partner Violence, Jennifer April Balliet

Rewriting the Question, What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up? Career Counseling With 21st Century Emerging Adults, Susan Rene Barclay

The Potential for Screening for Interpersonal Violence in Community Pharmacies: an Exploratory Study, Marie Barnard

Given: F(A Great Love + a Missing Body), Emily Anne Barnes

Wild & Wonderful: a Collection of Stories, Thomas Bennitt

Identifying Dysfunction in Persistent Social Deviance: Perspective Taking as a Mediator of the Relationship Between Psychopathy and Social Aggression, Olga Vadymovna Berkout

A Longitudinal Analysis of Changes in Accounting Curriculum Requirements Since the Perry Commission Report, William Homer Black

Comparison of Exercise and Eating in Collegiate Athletes Vs. Non-Athletes Active in High School Sports, Laura Leighton Blair

One Time, One Place? Richard Wright and Eudora Welty's Shared Visual Politics in the Depression Era, Mallory Blasingame

Functional Studies of Novel Bioactives From Complex Host-Microbiomes as Drug Leads for Cancer, Infectious Disease, Depression and Pain, John Jason Bowling

Use of Georphysics to Map Subsurface Features at Levee Seepage Locaitons, Thomas Chapman Brackett

From Country to Country Club: the Landscapes of Walker Percy, Joyce Garrett Butterworth

Audit and Compilation Report Timeliness in Local Governments: an Empirical Investigation of Mississippi Governmental Entities That Exceed State Reporting Deadlines, Corey S. Cagle

Fighting Extremism: Strategies Used to Combat Extremism and Radicalization, Scott Michel Caldwell

An Analysis of Down Syndrome Children and the Importance of Their Cognitive and Communicative Development, Maria Elisa Campana

The Life Purpose Questionnaire: a Factor-Analytic Investigation, Stephanie Wood Campbell

Inspection of Earthen Embankment Dams Using Time Lapse Electrical Resistivity Tomography, Jared Stewart Case

Impacts on Balance When Walking in Occupational Footwear, Harish Chander

On the Nature of Weak Intermolecular Forces: a First Principles Approach to Hydrogen Bonding and Pi-Type Interactions, Kari Lorene Copeland

The Applicability of Video Self-Modeling for Adults With Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities, Lauren Elizabeth Cox

15Md158: Excavations and Lithic Analysis of a Late Archaic/Early Woodland Lithic Workshop Site in Meade County, Kentucky., Lee Michael Creswell

The Modern Ontological Argument: in Which the Position of Alvin Plantinga Is Refuted, Zachary Green Crownover

Between God and Man: Community's Place in Virtue, Practical Reason, and Transcendent Good, Jordan Herz Davis

Geospatial Assessment of Sustainable Built Infrastructure Assets and Flood Disaster Protection, Alper Durmus

Problems With Truth: Scope, Mixing, and Truth Pluralism, Christopher Dyer

Six Days of Twenty-Four Hours: the Scopes Trial, Antievolutionism, and the Last Crusade of William Jennings Bryan, Kari Lynn Edwards

Three Essays on Quote Stuffing, Dealer Liquidity and Stub Quoting, Jared Frank Egginton

On K-trees and Special Subclasses of K-trees, John Wheless Estes

Unequal Error Protection Raptor Codes, Hussein Fadhel

Experimental Investigation of Transonic Shock Oscillations on NACA 0018 at Incidence, Christopher Allen Farrell

Cliff's Notes, Kevin Fitchett

The Art of Going Beyond in Hossana, Ethiopia, Megan Elizabeth Flowers

The Effects of Adding Values to an Acceptance Intervention on Willingness to Engage in a Difficult Task, Maureen Kathleen Flynn

Synthesis and Evaluation of Naturally Occuring Halogenated Bipyrroles in a Relevant Marine Species, Fundulus Heteroclitus, Kimberly Sheree Foster

Implementation of Multiple-Instance Learning in Drug Activity Prediction, Gang Fu

Developing Social Networks and Language Learning: Japanese ESL Students in a Study Abroad Context, Michiyo Fujimoto

Investor Behavior Surrounding Trading Halts: Short Sales, Predation and Contagion Effects, Mary Celeste Funck

Assessing the Timing of One-Sided Violence in Civil Conflict, Nicholas Christopher Galanos

The Legendre Transform of the Holst Action, Caixia Gao

Development of Novel Thermosensitive Polymers for Bioresponsive Drug Delivery, Vivek Kumar Garripelli

Functional Morphology of the Sphyrnid Shark Cephalofoil: an Assessment of the Hydrodynamic Lift Hypothesis Using Computational Fluid Dynamics, Matthew K. Gaylord

Cultivating a Rainbow Median Through the Study of Sexuality in Second Language Acquisition: Identity Construction of Lesbian Women Native to the Southern Region of the United States, Elizabeth Walker Graves

Making a Difference: Measuring the Effectiveness of Mississippi Teacher Corps Teachers as Compared to Non-Mississippi Teacher Corps Teachers, James Benjamin Guest

The Adoption of Lean Operations and Lean Accounting on the Financial-Performance Measures of Publicly Traded Companies, Daniel C. Harris

The Use of Space at the Late Woodland Shady Grove Site (22-Qu-525), Stephen George Harris

Trust and Trustworthiness in the Executive Compensation Policy Required By the Dodd-Frank Act: an Experimental Study, Dana L. Hart

A Factor-Analytic Study of the Learning and Study Strategies Inventory, Second Edition (Lassi-2) in a Sample of University Students, Kwoneathia Hill

Mississippi Breakdown: a New Look at the Mississippi Old Time Fiddle Music Traditions, Joseph Jamison Hollister

Distributed Space-Time Message Relaying for Uncoded/Coded Wireless Cooperative Communications, Peng Huo

Virtual Worlds and Conservational Channel Evolution and Pollutant Transport Systems (Concepts), Chenchutta Denaye Jackson

Cracker Barrel's Culture: Exporting the South on America's Interstate Exits, Latoya Renee Jefferson

How Do Stem Minority Faculty Members Describe Their Experiences of Graduate Student and Faculty Socialization?, Ayana Milele Johnson

An Examination of the Relationship Between an Autism Label and Teachers' Attitudes, Expectations, and Behavioral Intentions, Corinn Nicole Johnson

Immersion Within Call, Jaime Ann Jones

Homogenization of Structured Metasurfaces and Uniaxial Wire Medium Metamaterials for Microwave Applications, Chandra Sekhar Reddy Kaipa

Chinese/Chinese American Students at the University of Mississippi From 1946 to 1975, Hsin-Yi Sandy Kao

Reconfigurable Wideband Circulalry Polarized Microstrip Antenna for Wireless Applications, Ahmed Khidre

A Generic Qualitative Study of the Experiences of International Students Participating in the Cultural Connections Program at the University of Mississippi, Nadezda Nikolaevna Kholomeydik

The Impact of the User-It Artifact Interaction on Technology Implementation and Value: Mobile Social Networking and Mobile Social Capital, Donghyun Kim

Journey, Hosik Kim

The Effects of Response to Intervention on Third Graders' Reading Achievement, Marlon Demetrius King

Serializing the Middle Ages: Television and the (Re)Production of Pop Culture Medievalisms, Sara McClendon Knight

Donor-Sigma-Acceptor (D-sigma-A) Molecules With Perylenebisimide Acceptors Having Alkyl or Peg Swallowtails With Sulfur or Hydroxyl Anchors: Synthesis and Applications in Langmuir-Blodgett Films, Single Molecule Spectroscopy (SMS), G-Quadruplex Studies and Passivation of Gold Nanoparticles., Rajesh Kota

The Archaeology of Mortuary Ritual as Rite of Passage in Prehistoric Europe, Jacquelyn Mary Roberts Kyle

Description of Coherent Structures in the Atmospheric Boundary Layer By Model Reduction of the Surface Pressure, Gregory William Lyons

Psychological Birth Order and Career Adaptability in an At-Risk College Population, Joshua Alexander Magruder

Preprocessing of Biomass Using Mechanical, Chemical and Microbial Techniques, Swetha Mahalaxmi

Exploration and Validation of the Camp Orientation and Experiences Scale, Mckenzie Lynn Martin

My Higher Self: Elizabeth Bishop and the Endurance of Emerson, Joshua Andrew Mayo

Encountering the Marvelous in Marie De France, Robert Edward Mccain

Bacterial and Sediment Transport in an Artificial Sand Bed Stream During Unsteady Flow, Mary Alexandra Mccaskill

Exploring Inter-Organizational Relationships Between Park and Recreation Agencies With Wounded Warrior Programs and Community Service Organizations, Morgan Alexander Mccreary

The Queen of the Household: Mothers, Other Mothers, and Female Genealogy on the Plantation in Postslavery Women's Fiction, Correna Catlett Merricks

Virtue Ethics and the Problem of Aging, Robert Edward Mongue

Price Dynamics and Spatial Market Structure for Three U.S. Southern Pine Timber Products, Dekuwmini Mornah

Exploration of the Balanced Scorecard as a Tool for Performance Measurement and Strategic Planning in Higher Education Development, Clifton Perry Moulds

Advanced Design Methodologies and Novel Applications of Reflectarray Antennas, Payam Nayeri

The Perceived Effectiveness of Container Security at Seaports Along the Gulf Coast, William Augustus Neely

Development and Comparative Predictive Validity of an Outpatient Medication Exposure Measure for Risk Adjustment Using Retrospective Claims Data, Kyle Dennis Null

Admicellar Polymerization to Compatibilize Calcium Carbonate With Oil-Based Drilling Mud, Olugbenga Samuel Ojo

Accelerating the Performance of a Novel Meshless Method Based on Collocation With Radial Basis Functions By Employing a Graphical Processing Unit as a Parallel Coprocessor, Derek Owusu-Banson

Artificial Impedance Surfaces and Wire Media for Absorption and Cloaking, Yashwanth Reddy Padooru

The Role of Emotional Expression on Person Identity Recognition, Kristen Paris

Mais Bonito Da Região: the Cacao-Producing Region of Cachoeira Alta, Bahia, and the Transition From Wage Labor to Small Farming, Rodney D. Parker

The Effects of a Multi-Component Wellness Program on Employee Biometrics, Jennifer Erin Patrick